Test Relying Party

Here you can test issuance or verification from the Relying Party appplication that interacts with the Request Service API. Samples for such applicactions are available on github. Steps:

  1. Paste in the config file and then press Set Config button.
    • For dotnet, this is the appsettings.json file. For Java, it is the run.cmd or the run.sh file. For node it is the config.json. For python, it is the config.json file. You need to paste in your working config with your TenantId, ClientId, etc. Only client credentials is supported as acquiring an access token with client certificate isn't supportd in this webapp.
  2. Paste in either the issuance or the presentation payload and press the Set Payload button. You can generate the payloads, which will look at the manifest and generate them accordingly, but you have to press the Set Payload button afterwards. If you generate issuance payload for an id_token_hint flow, you need to enter the claim values in the top box before doing Set Payload.
  3. If you like to test run issuance or presentation, press the Test Payload button. Then scan the QR code as usual and see the result.